Site Overview

This unique property consists of 1,300 hectares and is located outside of the town of Emplame in the Mexican State of Sonora, approximately 360 kilometers south of the U.S. border along the State of Arizona.

The site has the following infrastructure attributes currently and is readily available for permitting The current permits for use and/or renewal include a Port Concession and an Environmental Impact Authorization (EIA). The railway infrastructure is located at the property boundary. The railway Infrastructure owner has agreed to install and operate the internal property railway, etc. The existing previously granted permits mean a greatly simplified and fast track renewal process which is of considerable to benefit any potential investor/developer:

The property is 1,300 hectares of a “green-field” site;

  • Terrain of the site gradually slopes down from Federal Highway I-15 with railway frontage to the ocean;
  • Port Property Dimensions The dimensions of the property include 3.2 km of ocean frontage; 1.6 km of property fronting Federal Highway I-15; southern boundary is approximately 3.9 km with a northern border of 2.9 km;
  • A Private Port Concession. A private port concession was previously granted with no Mexican government interventions required or renewable time restrictions attached;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). An EIA was previously granted for the entire site to be utilized and managed as coal storage, handling, and distribution port facility. EIA has recently been renewed, approved, and in place for rapid construction progression. EIA has a four-year period to complete construction, update, add to and or renew. EIA has an additional four-year extension period to complete any outstanding expansion activities without any further Mexican Federal Governmental interventions with little if any downside risks involved;
  • Free Zone Status and Tax-free Manufacturing Permits. Current permits in place include Free Zone Status and Tax-free Manufacturing both of which are supported by the Mexican Federal Government;

  • Deep Water Well. Deep water well access currently being used at 20% of its total capacity leaving 80% negotiable with the authorizes;
  • Multiuse Site Development. Multi uses of the site include – Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Liquification Facility, Petrochemical, Mid and Up Stream Chemical Production and Commodity Storage Facilities, Fertilizer Production and Storage, Ammonia production, Green energy (Solar, wind), Shipping Container Port, General Cargo, Minerals and Mining storage facilities, Dry Dock, Bulk Jetty, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Produce and Livestock shipments in the USA, etc.;
  • Railway Infrastructure. Railway infrastructure owner and operator have previously agreed to pay for and construct railway infrastructure up to the end users’ facilities on the property;
  • International Airport is in proximity;
  • Gas Pipeline. New 36” pipeline is in close proximity (4 KM from the Site). Pipeline is owned by CFE and IENOVA.
  • Availability of Electrical Power. 2 new natural gas powerplants are in close proximity to support all electrical demands by for power – abundant low-cost electrical energy (791MW & 770MW Natural Gas Fired power production facilities). Power plants were constructed to support a 12 million customer base however current local population is approximately 120 thousand;
  • PPP Permits Permits, concession and Mexican Governmental supported through the PPP process have all previously been reviewed, authorized, and approved establishing the current precedents;
  • Proximity to Gas Pipelines. Property is approximately 4km from the new existing in-service natural gas pipelines. These pipelines are supplied from the USA by the Mexican Governmental entity CFE and IENOVA. The primary source of the natural gas originates from the USA Permian Basin Network;
  • Shipping Benefits Proximity to China. Only a 10-day average shipping time from the property location site to Asia (China). No need to use Panama Canal, saving approximately 10-12 days in shipping transit time and zero Panama Canal expenses thereby lowering shipping product costs;
  • Navigable Water. Water conditions offshore from the property are relatively calm and the waters are somewhat sheltered from natural events such as Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, etc.
  • Access to USA Fresh Fruit Markets. Approximately 45% of all Mexican grown and USA Imported fruits and vegetables grown and shipped with 2 to 3 hours from the property;
  • Trading of LNG. The USA Department of Energy has ruled in 2019 that LNG exported from the USA into Mexico is not restricted to only be traded with USA Free Trade Agreement Countries. LNG can be processed and traded with USA Non-Free Trade Agreement Countries.
  • Existing Port. There is an existing land locked port with zero or almost zero room for expansion in the township Guaymas which could be utilized during the property development stages;
  • Availability of Local Rock. The Southern section of the property boundaries on a foothill mountain range which has an extensive amount of rock available for use in the property development phases for breakwaters revetments etc. if required.
  • Neighbors. Currently there are no neighbors to the property which allows for a fully controlled security network to be established and utilized as frontline control for the property;
  • USA LLC Ownership. The property is owned by a USA LLC which has been in business longer than the time required to set up cross border customs control facilities on the property;
  • Blue Collar Workforce. Local community of approximately 200,000 people are a possible front line (blue collar) workforce for low cost local labor;
About Sonora Port

Sonora Port Free-Zone and Industrial Zone, Guaymas offers a Pacific Port Site, 1,300 hectares as a Free-Zone, along the shores of the Sea of Cortez (a/k/a Gulf of California) offered for acquisition and development to and by potential general developers, industrial developers, manufacturing developers and port developers. This site is located near the city of Guaymas in the State of Sonora, Mexico. This Site is being auctioned off through a Tender Bidding Process. Please Register Here to have access to a large amount of information, as well as personal assistance by Our Team.

Investing in Sonora’s Future

In the coming years Mexico and USA are expected to see significant growth in the exportation /importation of raw materials and goods, underscoring the need for additional capacity and the need for a new advanced port, free-zone, manufacturing hub, logistics and distribution centers at Sonora Port and Free Zone. The Sonora Port Free Zone and Manufacturing Center is seeking to develop new, world-class port facilities strategically located near the USA Border, integrating state-of-the-art technologies and, serving as a vital component of Mexico’s economic infrastructure and a logistics hub.

Environmental Considerations

The currently available land permits for use and/or renewal include both a Port Concession, and an Environmental Impact Authorization (EIA). Balancing development with protection of the environment is a key concern for the Sonora port. Multiple studies, geotechnical and met-ocean analysis and environmental studies have been undertaken in order to facilitate a responsible implementation of the project. These studies are available to build on for potential developments.

Major Gateway to the World

To enable this Port Free Zone and Industrial Free Zone as a major gateway to the world, Sonora Port is looking for like-minded Land and Port Developers to acquire this Port Site and make a significant investment in the country’s future. The Sonora Port will serve the expanding trade needs of Mexico, supporting key objectives acting as a catalyst for export industry development.

Vision for The New Port Land At Sonora

Major components of the Sonora Port Project comprising new port, industrial zone, free-zone, tank farm and manufacturing center may include:

  • Container Berth
  • Container Terminal
  • Dry Bulk Import Export Terminal
  • Liquid Bulk Import Export Terminal
  • LNG Berths
  • Product Tanker Berths
  • Dry Dock

Sonora Port will be an important gateway for USA, providing an economic hub around the Port for manufacturing, logistics and trade across a number of industrial sectors and in turn fostering import and export synergy.