Good manufacturing and distri-port for Asia, Caribbean, East and West Coast USA, Europe and Africa

Property for Acquisition & Development

The Port Site is located near Guaymas, Sonora. The property is located in the Sonoran Desert along the coastline of the Sea of Cortez (a/k/a Gulf of California), about 250 miles directly south of the USA-Mexico border at Nogales, AZ. The population of Guaymas and surrounding communities within 50 miles is approximately 200,000 people. Guaymas is only about eighty miles away from Hermosillo, the capital of the Sonora, and is home to one of the largest aerospace manufacturing clusters in Mexico.

  • Sonora Port and Free Zone would probably be to focus on export-oriented activities, manufacturing building on the locations competitive advantages
  • Located near Guaymas
  • Established manufacturing hubs nearby
  • Unparalleled utilities, services and access routes to and from your doorstep

At A Glance

  • 3.2 km ocean front
  • 1.6 km fronting Federal Highway 15 at property boundary
  • Direct railroad access at property boundary
  • Water Line at property boundary
  • International airport in close proximity
  • New 36″ natural gas pipeline at property boundary
  • Abundant, low-cost, electrical energy provided by 2 new gas power plants close Empalme CCGT I and Empalme CCGT II C
  • Fiber Optic
  • Permits and approvals in place
  • Abundant, low-cost, electrical energy
  • Mexican labor

Good manufacturing and distri-port for Asia, Caribbean, East and West Coast USA, Europe and Africa

Key Advantages of the Site

  • Sonora Port and Free Zone would probably be to focus on export-oriented activities, manufacturing building on the locations competitive advantages
  • Located near Guaymas
  • Established manufacturing hubs nearby
  • Unparalleled utilities, services and access routes on your doorstep
  • 1,300 hectares available for purchase

Location and Connected Services at site boundary Attractive Labor Rates

  • Attractive Market Access and Reach: Proximity and accessibility to raw materials in terms of mineral and non-mineral natural resources, catering to a regional demand currently satisfied through imports, and relocating activities that are currently serviced through the global trade flows.
  • Competitive Conversion Costs: In terms of labor wages, utilities’ costs and savings on duties as a result of the Free Trade Agreement with the USA. Mexico has 50 free trade agreements around the world.

Strong and Global Connectivity

  • Primarily through a world class trans-shipment port.
  • Due to the large site of 1300 hectares, a large number of market clusters could emerge around:

Chemical and Material Processing Manufacturing and Assembly Logistics and Distribution

Mexico is your answer! Sonora Port and Freezone, your location!

1. Mexican Cost Advantage

A tremendous cost savings. Availability of highly skilled labor that is 80 percent cheaper than the cost of the USA labor. At the proposed site near Guaymas, Sonora, companies have access to modern infrastructure, overall, the operating costs are far lower, which is why expanding to Mexico is a smart decision.

2. Manufacturing Economies

There is close proximity to high-demand markets. This means manufacturers have the opportunity to export products easily and cheaply and businesses operating in Mexico have access to a wide pool of customers within various industries. As the fifth-largest exporter of computers, the sixth-largest aerospace supplier and the eighth-largest automotive manufacturer, companies have the opportunity to do business with a wide range of companies.

3. Workforce Demographics

Mexico’s population has a median age of 26, compared to 37 for the USA, and a total labor force of 47 million people. More importantly, though, is the fact that while Mexico’s labor cost is attractive, its workers are also qualified.

4. Ease of Entry

The advantages of manufacturing in Mexico may seem too good to be true, but the reality is, expanding to the country is not that difficult because ease of entry is one of the main benefits for doing business there. Due to the similar culture and language, strategic location between the USA and Latin America, favorable business climate and access to shelter services through the Maquiladora system, launching an operation in the country is not difficult.

If Mexico is your choice of destination, Sonora Port will provide you with a highly competitive advantage

Operating Advantages Mexico

Why Operate in Mexico

  • Mexico is a leading economy. Its liberalization of international trade, access to the most important markets, government incentives and our skills to operate the expansion make it the best option to grow.
  • Adjacent to U.S. market; reduced transportation costs
  • Mexican labor force: Young, skilled, highly productive, continually improving.
  • Mexico has 12 free trade agreements with 46 nations
  • Annual savings up to $20,000 per worker
  • Mexico: Among the best in labor stability
  • Wide range of manufacturing options
  • Solid legal framework for intellectual property rights
  • Financial Stability: Mexico rated Investment Grade country by Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s.
  • Mexico is a global platform, having 12 free trade agreements with 46 nations
  • Certain treaties avoid double taxation between Mexico and other countries including the U.S., Germany, Canada, Sweden, France, Japan, Brazil, China, United Kingdom, Italy and more
  • Favorable time zone and coordination with the US
  • Wide base of suppliers
  • Government support:
  • Mexico allows foreign companies to ship components (raw materials) and production equipment into Mexico FREE of duty (in bond) for assembly or manufacturing processing (Maquiladora-IMMEX program)
  • Mexican government protects industrial property rights:
    • Actively promotes, supports all activities, investments related to the export of goods
    • Promotes private investment in transportation services previously government owned

Access to Asia, India

  • Located on a Core Shipping Route
  • Mexico- Asia-West-Coast route has saving of 10 days compared with Mexico- Asia-East-Coast. One way shipping to asia from Sonora port is 10 days compared to 20 days from Altantic coast
  • Direct sailing to Port of Singapore, large port where every two to three minutes, a ship arrives at or departs from the Port of Singapore.
  • Direct sailing to port of Port of Kaohsiung 2683 hectares.
  • Direct sailing to Port of Tokyo serves 40 million people, prime hub occupies 1080 hectares.
  • Direct sailing to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Direct sailing to Busan, South Korea, has a quay wall extending 26.8km enabling the simultaneous facilitation of 169 vessels.
  • Direct sailing to Shanghai , China largest port in the word,
  • Direct sailing to Lembaga Pelabuhan Kelang – Port Kelang, the port has a total of 53 berths
  • Direct sailing to Hong Kong, over 250,000 vessel calls per year
  • Direct sailing to Laem Chabang, Thailand
  • Gateway to India to Jawaharlal Nehru Port, borders the Arabian Sea

Excellent Navigational Access


  • The Sea of Cortez, Gulf of California, the Vermilion Sea, and the Sea of Cortés is a marginal sea located in the Pacific Ocean. It serves as a divide between mainland Mexico and the Baja California Peninsula in northwestern Mexico. Sailing distance to Balboa Panama is 2369 nautical miles.
  • By Sea, property has access to deep water suitable for port development on the land
  • Port Location
    • Co-ords. 27°53’29.5″N 110°41’05.3″W
    • Entrance Restrictions – None
    • Anchorage – Good Holding
    • Shelter – Good
    • Tidal Restrictions – None
    • Swell – Minor
    • Natural Water Depth – Depth 5m at 650m offshore
    • Natural Water Depth – Depth 10m at 3500m offshore
    • Navigation Channel -To be dredged’
    • Good location of offshore loading using single point moorings

The possibility of a deep water multi-use terminal integrated into a Free-Zone, Logistics and Manufacturing Hub

Container Yard

  • Space available for 4 berths
  • Depth behind berths for container yard is more than required 800m
  • Power for yard equipment near site
  • International fiber optics on site
  • Unrestricted port berth development

Dry Bulk Terminal

  • Space available for minimum of 4 berths
  • Stockyard space behind the berths for large storage facility

LNG Petro Chem Berth

  • Space available for minimum 4 berths
  • Stockyard space behind the berths for large storage facility

Cold Goods Terminal

  • Space for reefers in Container Terminal
  • Plots available for Cold Storage

Dry Dock/ Ship Services / Ship Repairs

  • Space for Dry dock

Liquids Gases and Chemicals Terminal

  • Tank Farm space available
  • LNG berths

Tank Farm Multi Products

  • Tank Farm space available
  • Petro Chem Berth

Rail Terminals

  • Containers, Liquids, Gas, Dry bulk,

Highly favorable regulatory and legal environment

Favorable location for industry

  • Port Concession granted for Sonora Port
  • Free-Zone, Free Trade Zone Status.
  • Tax exempt manufacturing
  • Public Private Partnership infrastructure money is available from the Mexican Federal Government for on-and-off site improvements.
  • Government regulations offer concessions, permits, and design cost in exchange for job creation and help with setting up business incubators.

The possibility of a world class trimodal logistics and manufacturing hub

Attractive Incentives

  • Mexico is one of the world’s largest economies with 132 million consumers and a growing middle class.
  • Mexico offers cheaper labor and highly qualified personnel.
  • Small- to medium-sized (SMEs) companies fit into their supply chains.
  • Mexico is a member of the G20 and Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
  • Low cost manufacturing hub for USA
  • Environmental approvals are in place for quick and immediate development.
  • Business Incubators to help start-ups
  • Sonora Port land is suitable for the future and its has services capacity for the future
  • Land is available for purchase at Sonora Port eases at competitive rates

The possibility of a international rail logistics hub

Rail Access International

  • Access to vast international rail network
  • Land is available for purchase at Sonora Port eases at competitive rates.
  • Rail Terminals for dry bulk, liquid bulk and containers envisaged
  • International Destinations
    • San Diego
    • Los Angeles Port
    • Phoenix
    • Dallas
    • Houston
    • New Orleans
    • Prince Rupert
    • Vancouver

The possibility of a rail intermodal hub

Rail Access Mexico

  • Access to large international rail network
  • Sonora rail capacity is 270,000lbs
  • Land is available for purchase at Sonora Port at competitive rates.
  • Rail Terminals for dry bulk, liquid bulk and containers envisaged
  • Major Mexican Ferromex destinations served
    • Mexicalli (Border Crossing)
    • Nogales (Border Crossing)
    • El Paso (Border Crossing)
    • Presidio (Border Crossing)
    • Laredo (Border Crossing)
    • Brownsville (Border Crossing)
    • Eagles Pass (Border Crossing)
    • Al Tamira (Port)
    • Mazatlan (Port)
    • Manzanillo (Port)
    • Lazaro Cardenas (Port)
  • Major KCSM Connections possible served
    • Salinas Victoria (Intermodal)
    • Santa Luis Potosi (Intermodal)
    • Queretaro (Intermodal)
    • Tampico (Port)
    • Veracruz (Port)
    • Lazaro Cardenas (Port)
    • Mexico City
    • Toluca (Intermodal)

The possibility of connecting into an established gas pipeline

Gas Pipeline

  • IEnova Sonora Guaymas – El Oro Pipeline runs along the property boundary
  • This gas pipeline is the second part of a system. The first section from Saabe Guaymas is 505 km with a capacity of 7000 MMcfd and compression station of 21,000 HP. The second section runs near Sonora Port and Free Zone from Guaymas to El Oro and this si 303 km long with a capacity of 510 MMcfd and has a compression station of 11,000 HP
  • Type of gas in the pipeline is natural gas composed primarily of methane gas (84%) and other lower-concentration gases such as Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Ethane.
  • The transport pressure is 1,440 psi when operating at full capacity.

The possibility of connecting into an established electrical power grid and water supply.

Power and Water

  • Empalme Power plant is located 11km away from the site by road
  • This includes the following:
    • Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant Empalme I of capacity 770 MW (built 2018)
    • Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant Empalme II of capacity 747 MW (built 2019)
    • Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant Guaymas III 747MW (planned)
    • Desalination water of 200 l/s of 18,000 m3per day is produced
    • Location: Latitude= 27.9456, Longitude= -110.78956.

Road Access Mexico

  • Federal Highway 15 is Mexico 15 International Highway or Mexico-Nogales Highway, is a primary north-south highway, and is a free part of the federal highways corridors
  • The highway begins in the north at the Mexico–United States border at the Nogales Port of Entry in Nogales, Sonora, and terminates to the south in Mexico City.
  • North of the U.S.-Mexico border, the highway continues to the north from the Port of Entry, as I-19.
  • The highway is the southern terminus of the highway and freight trade corridor that stretches from Mexico northwards across the United States to the Canadian province of Alberta.