About Sonora Port

Sonora Port Free-Zone and Industrial Zone, Guaymas offers to potential developers a plot of land or plots of land to be sold to industrial developers, manufacturing developers, port developers as a whole or in lots as a Free-Zone. This website presents the land to be sold located near Guaymas.
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Investing in Sonora’s Future

In the coming years Mexico and USA are expected to see significant growth in the exportation /importation of raw materials and goods, underscoring the need for additional capacity and the need for a new advanced port, free-zone, manufacturing hub, logistics and distribution centers at Sonora Port and Free Zone. The Sonora Port Free Zone and Manufacturing Center is seeking to develop new, world-class port facilities strategically located near the USA Border, integrating state-of-the-art technologies and, serving as a vital component of Mexico’s economic infrastructure and a logistics hub.

Environmental Considerations

The currently available land permits for use and/or renewal include both a Port Concession, and an Environmental Impact Authorization (EIA). Balancing development with protection of the environment is a key concern for the Sonora port. Multiple studies, geotechnical and met-ocean analysis and environmental studies have been undertaken in order to facilitate a responsible implementation of the project. These studies are available to build on for potential developments.

Major Gateway to the World

To enable this Port Freezone and Industrial Free Zone as a major gateway to the world, Sonora Port is looking for like minded land developers to purchase land and make a significant investment in the country’s future, the Sonora Port will serve the expanding trade needs of Mexico, supporting key objectives set and acting as a catalyst for export industry development.

Vision for The New Port Land At Sonora

The land will be sold to be developed in multiple phases. Major components of the Sonora Port Project comprising new port, industrial zone, free-zone, tank farm and manufacturing center could include:

  • Container Berth
  • Container Terminal
  • Dry Bulk Import Export Terminal
  • Liquid Bulk Import Export Terminal
  • LNG Berths
  • Product Tanker Berths
  • Dry Dock

Sonora Port will be an important gateway for USA, providing an economic hub around the Port for manufacturing, logistics and trade across a number of industrial sectors and in turn fostering import and export synergy.